Shin ram yun noodles with mushrooms and fried shallots

My lunch is usually simple packet noodle. I just love spicy noodle soup and with simple ingredients to go with or using leftovers, or bought frozen food.

Google: “Shin Ramyun, well known for its spicy flavour, is produced in at least four varieties: the original Shin Ramyun [1] and Shin Ramyun Black,[2] which was introduced in 2011 as well as Super Spicy, which was released in 2019, and, finally, a shrimp flavour that is only available in China. A standard package of Shin Ramyun consists of noodles, a packet of flavouring powder (soup base), and a packet of vegetable flakes. Shin Ramyun Black contains an extra packet of beef stock soup, which gives the soup a more intensely savory flavour.”

You can basically add any ingredients to make it a complete meal, hearty, comforting filling. Today, I am just going with two ingredients and its quick to cook. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet Shin ram yun noodle soup
sliced mushrooms
fried shallots


Put kettle on. Open the noodle packet and empty it onto a bowl with condiment. Next add mushrooms. Once the water is boiled. Pour the hot boiling water into the prepared bowl. Gives a couple of stirs. Place in microwave cook for 3 minutes first.

Then stir again and continue to microwave further 3-4 minutes until noodles are cooked. Bring out from microwave. Garnish with fried shallots. Enjoy!!!