Marinated goat cheese platter

Happy New Year 2023

As the year 2022 draws to a close, I am thankful for all my needs. Through sorrows and joys, I have had many a great reason to be confident trusting God’s Peace is with me and his watchful helpful Presence in my journey on my life and food. I want to finish well by loving God and everyone.

Thankful to all foodies’ friends that had help me along my way. Without your encouragement I would not have been where I am today. For the new year 2023 let’s be intentional about encouraging one another as we walk this journey together, so no one has to go it alone. For New Year 2023 to begin, be it a simple life or food shared, know it you are truly blessed to have food, clothes, home, family and friends that keep each other safe.

Here’s another entrée or plater that you can share with family and friends. Consider ourselves like the marinated goat cheese: where all the spices, and oil blend in to make the goat cheese bountiful flavour, with fruits, crackers and mini tomato to bring colour to each one of us. So, begin 2023 with Peace and Thankfulness. Let’s create and share with family and friends.


1 bought marinated goat cheese
mini tomatoes
natural crackers
Multi grain brown rice crackers


Put the marinated goat cheese in the middle of the plate followed by crackers on the sides and blueberries on top, then raspberries and mini tomatoes at the bottom. Enjoy with sparkling wine.