Egg toast with raspberry jam

With my last three eggs and leftover bread and raspberry jam from my nephew I decided to make a simple quick and easy breakfast. As you know me, I don’t like to waste food. Remembering out there some people are starving and we here have abundance of food why throwaway when it is edible (no mould).

Got my creative hat on, and produce this breakfast. You can call it any name you like; my mother calls it Bombay toast; my sister called it French toast and I am calling it egg toast. I am happy that its delicious filling and satisfying for my stomach: no more growling. Let’s cook!!!


3 eggs, lightly beaten
2 slices bread
1/8 c milk
butter for spreading bread
cayenne powder (OPT)
raspberry jam


Spread butter on bread, pour milk on a deep plate that is wide for two slices bread. Place bread in to soak the buttered bread and flip over. Meantime, heat oil in pan on medium heat.

When oil is hot, add the two slices of bread in, and sprinkle cayenne powder; let it cooks, pour the remaining milk from plate on top of slices bread. When it’s brown flip over the other side, sprinkle cayenne powder. Let it cooks until brown. Remove to plate, spread jam over it. Enjoy with coffee and berries.



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