Rhubarb plum upside down cake

Found rhubarb and plums at the supermarket and bought them. Have not had rhubarb for ages. Since it’s Easter long weekend, and my sister had invited me over for dinner, I decided to make a cake to take it there.

Google: “Rhubarb is the fleshy, edible stalks of species and hybrids of Rheum in the family Polygonaceae, which are cooked and used for food. The whole plant – a herbaceous perennial growing from short, thick rhizomes – is also called rhubarb. Rhubarb is really a vegetable. That’s why it’s most often cooked down with a ton of sugar and treated like a fruit. A rhubarb compote can be used to make jam or be served as an unexpected accompaniment to roasted meats. And there’s always that quintessential pie, or this tart, with an almond paste and tangerine twist.”

“A plum is a fruit of some species in Prunus subg. Prunus. Mature plum fruits may have a dusty-white waxy coating that gives them a glaucous appearance. This is an epicuticular wax coating and is known as “wax bloom”. Dried plums are called prunes, which have a dark, wrinkled appearance.”

Rhubarb and plum are a great combination as rhubarb taste is sour but when cooked it can be sweeten by adding more sugar, plum is sweet, and have high nutritional value so it helps to sweeten rhubarb, so I don’t use a lot of sugar. My icing sugar dissolves in the cake as I hurriedly sprinkle it when my cake is still warm as I have to pack it into my cake container and take it to my sister. I should not have sprinkle icing sugar till we are about to eat. Well, I make mistakes from time to time. Anyway, everyone have second helping. My cake is super moist, just right sweetness, healthy and delicious. Let’s bake!!!


250 g butter
450 g rhubarb, about 4-5 stalks, cut into 2 inches pieces
300 g castor sugar
50 g brown sugar
50 ml oil
3 eggs
3 big plums, deseed and cut into pieces
4 Tbs yoghurt
2 Tsp baking powder
1/2 c milk
1/4 c skim milk
1 1/2 c self raising flour
1/2 c plain flour
1 Tsp vanilla essence
icing sugar, sprinkle on top of cake
3 strawberries, garnish
2 oranges, garnish


Preheat oven 170 degrees C. Grease and line 23 cm spring form pan. Brush a bit of oil on baking paper. Mix rhubarb, 100 g castor sugar and 50 g brown sugar in a large bowl. Next layer half rhubarb at the bottom of pan in grid pattern and add half the remaining sugar on top all over rhubarb.

Mix flour and baking powder in a deep plate. In mixing bowl beat butter , 200 g castor sugar and the remaining half sugar from rhubarb mixed for about 4 minutes. Add eggs one at a time beating well each addition, vanilla, and oil. Stir in yoghurt, and both milk.

Gradually add in flour mixture and stir to combined. Spoon some batter over rhubarb and spread evenly cover them. Followed by half remaining rhubarb and more batter. Then gently push plum pieces into batter in grid. Gives a couples pf knock on benchtop to release air bubbles.

Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes or until skewer inserted in comes out clean. Switch off oven, leave cake in oven with door close for 30 minutes. Remove to rack and cool further about 15 minutes then flip over onto a plate to cool further. Wait till cake is completely cool before sprinkling icing sugar. Serve with ice cream or fruits or dessert wine. Enjoy!!!!!