Orange sour and thickened cream jelly with apricots and nectarines

I thought of doing panna cotta with apricots my friend gave me. Went to get nectarines for garnishing, and gelatine sheets to make panna cotta. As I were walking toward the cashier, I saw that Aeroplane jelly is on sale so bought some different flavours about 20 packets.

Could not resist using aeroplane jelly, change to making jelly instead. I rather have jelly than panna cotta. Guess they are similar dessert, wobbly and serve with fruits. This is another recipe that test your patience to wait for it to set overnight. Are you patience enough to wait like me for a dessert that need to be set?

Then this is the dessert you will be making it frequently with different flavour jelly and different fruits. You can use any fruits juice instead of just orange juice to make with the aeroplane jelly flavour. Today, I am making it with thickened cream and am glad it is beautifully bright orange, serve with fruits staking up as innovation and delicious every mouthful. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet Aeroplane orange jelly about 85 g
300 g sour cream
300 g thickened cream
250 ml hot boiling water
200 ml cold water, divide
2 sheets gelatine
1 Tbs orange juice
1 Tsp gelatine powder, plus extra if not set
90 g granulated sugar
water for gelatine sheets




Put kettle on and when water is boiled pour 250 ml hot boiling water into a bowl and add orange jelly powder in, stir until dissolved. Then add 100 ml cold water and stir again and set to cool slightly. Meantime add 100 ml cold water and 1 Tsp gelatine in a jug, stir well to combined.

Put gelatine sheet in some water soak for about 5 minutes. Then heat sour and thickened cream with sugar until simmer in pot and sugar dissolved. Then squeeze gelatine sheet well to remove excess water and put into the sour and thickened cream mixture, stir to mix well. Next pour into a large bowl and add orange jelly mixture, stir to mix well. Set aside to cool for about 5 minutes.

If mixture still not thickened up, using some water from the gelatine sheet, add 1 Tsp more gelatine powder, stir to mix. Then pour into sour cream mixture, stir again to mixed well. Let it cool for about 5 minutes.

When jelly had cool slightly, pour into glass bowls. Place in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight until the jelly is set. Just before serving, put a food stacker in the centre of the set jelly bowls then add sliced of apricots and nectarines in layers.