Fruits bowl

Here’s my dinner as there are no fresh meat and vegetables. Only using what I have in my fridge. I do really hope the workers in distributions and deliveries to supermarket are well again to get back to work.

Living day by day, eating what I can get. Soon I will be eating canned food. Hopefully canned food is still available next week when I go to the supermarket. Luckily I only eat one meal. My sister gave me a packet of buns about eight. So, I can eat it with my recently bought canned tuna but I still need salad or vegetables to go the canned tuna and bun.

Well, at least I got some colourful dinner that is healthy from leftovers few fruits to make a beautiful dinner. Let’s make them and eat!!!


5 strawberries, sliced
5 grapes
5 papaya cubes
whipping cream
chocolate sprinkles


Wash, dry and slice the strawberries and cut papaya into cubes. Wash and dry grapes and blueberries. Place papaya in the middle of the bowl. Place 4 grapes around the papaya and one on top.

Scatter some blueberries around the papaya. Followed by the sliced strawberries around them. Then squirt four dollops of whipping cream around the sides of strawberries. Next sprinkle chocolate sprinkles on top. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!!


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