Blueberry jelly custard with strawberry whipping cream and chocolate sprinkles

With no fresh food on shelves in my supermarket for 4 days now. I only managed to get some canned tuna which is expensive, leftovers vegetables and some fruits on sale before they vanished for good from the shelves. Sad, that it’s like when in lockdown, we can’t get fresh food and get out to buy. Now the workers are infected with covid.

Anyway, this is trial and error experimenting jelly. Also trying to get rid of my thickened cream which will expire in a day. My 6 strawberries that doesn’t look good best use it as I don’t like wasting food. To clear my fridge, I finished using my leftover strawberry whipping cream.

Today I am using high ball glasses that I bought on sale and have not use it for a while thought it would be great for a change and better presentation. I am happy that it looks beautiful, colourful and indeed a delightful to eat in the Summer heat at 32 degrees C and with no fresh food. Hope the workers will be well again from covid and get back to work. We need food. Let’s cook!!!


Blueberry jelly

1 packet Aeroplane Blue heaven about 85 g
250 ml hot boiling water
200 ml cold water, divide
1 Tsp gelatine
125 g blueberries

Custard jelly

600 ml vanilla custard
100 g blueberries
180 ml thickened cream
6 Tbs orange juice
2 sheets gelatine
2-4 Tsp gelatine powder (OPT)
90 g granulated sugar


25 g blueberries
6 strawberries, sliced
strawberry whipping cream, bought
chocolate sprinkles


Put kettle on and when water is boiled pour 250 ml hot boiling water into a bowl and add blue heaven jelly powder in, stir until dissolved. Then add 100 ml cold water and stir again and set to cool slightly. Meantime add 100 ml cold water and 1 Tsp gelatine in a jug, stir well to combined. Then mix well together with blue heaven jelly mixture. Set aside again to cool for about 5-10 minutes.

Place six glasses on an angle in a muffin pan. Divide and 125 g blueberries into each glasses. Divide blue heaven jelly mixture evenly among the glasses. Place in the fridge for 6 hours or until the jelly is set. I place in fridge overnight.

The next day

Soak gelatine sheets in cold water to soften and heat custard, thickened cream, orange juice and sugar gently in a saucepan until simmering, and sugar dissolved, then remove from the heat. Squeeze gelatine sheet out any excess liquid, then stir it into custard mixture until completely dissolved. Leave to cool for about 5 minutes. By this time custard mixture should be thickened, if not using 3 Tbs cold water from gelatine sheet and add 2 Tsp gelatine powder first and stir to mix well and add to custard mixture. Set it aside for another 5 minutes. Check if it had thickened and slightly set.

Pour the cooled custard into each glasses with set jelly. Next divide 100 g blueberries among the six glasses. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours to set the custard. To serve, decorate with 25 g blueberries and some strawberries in the middle and squirt strawberry whipping cream over the fruits and scatter some chocolate sprinkles on top. Enjoy the cool blueberry custard jelly in the Summer heat of 32 degrees C.