Salad tapenade

My brother-in-law gave me some goodies. One is roasted red capsicum tapenade, and two different biscuits. I decided to use them on Christmas Eve dinner with salad, medley tomatoes, bocconcini, black sliced olives and cucumber.

Google: “Tapenade is traditionally spread on bread, but you can use it in canapés or starters such as crostini or bruschetta, or you can stir a little into pasta dishes or sauces, use it as a marinade for meat and also for adding to casseroles and stews. Roll a spoonful into bread or pizza dough for a savoury boost”.

Festive food usually are colourful decorated. I decided to combine them together to make a holly platter. Something colourful, creative and I can also share it with everyone. Use a simple dressing with balsamic glaze and olive oil. It’s healthy and great to have more salad and green vegetables especially when the main ingredients are meat like turkey, roast chicken and pork or seafood. I am glad to serve it with the main meals. Let’s make a colourful platter and share it.


110 g roasted red capsicum tapenade
100 g medley tomatoes, half cut and the remain whole, extra
10-12 bocconcini, cut into half, extra
8 pieces artisan crackers with fig and sunflower seed, plus extra
8 Natural wafers, extra
8 cherries, extra
1 packet mixed salad, wash and dry
1/2 cucumbers, sliced and extra
black olives sliced, extra
olive oil
balsamic vinegar glaze


Place the glass container of tapenade in the centre. Each of the biscuits around with cherries. Next place salad all around the platter, alternate with medley tomatoes, bocconcini, cucumber and olives. Then before serving drizzle olive oil and balsamic glaze. Enjoy!!!!

Note: You can use any vegetables of your choice. You can use any biscuits or little crostini, bliny pancake or even prawns. Be creative.



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