Blue heaven jelly

Summer Christmas is not going to spoil my creative dessert. I am never going to be short of inspiration with my Christmas dessert for Summer. Turn up the fun cool dessert for everyone. Bring the Christmas dinner party to life with magical moments – Cool beautiful white cloud and berry blue heaven jelly.

I found this blue heaven Aeroplane jelly on sale. I haven’t tried using this colour. Well, it looks like blue sky beautiful colour. I have added strawberries and blackberries in it. On top of it is white cloud made from condensed milk. Garnish it with vanilla grinder.

The children will be happy to have this jelly and am sure the adults too. The flavour of both main ingredients are delicious. It’s a light wobbly and cool dessert to serve. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet Aeroplane Berry blue jelly about 85 g
2 Tsp gelatine
1 x  395 g condensed milk
3/4 c hot boiling water
1/2 c lemon juice about 3 small or 2 medium lemons
200 ml cold water
100 ml hot boiling water
1 Tsp gelatine
6-8  strawberries, extra for decorate
5-7 blackberries
Vanilla grinder, for decorate (OPT)


Grease the jelly mould with oil. Put kettle on and when it’s boil pour into a glass jar 3/4 c and add gelatine in, stir until dissolved. Set aside to cool slightly. Combine condensed milk and lemon juice, stir until combined. Por the condensed milk mixture into jelly mould and refrigerate for 5 hours.

When time is up condensed milk is set. Put kettle on and once boil add 1 c about 250 ml of water and the Berry blue jelly in a glass jug, stir until powder dissolved. Add 200 ml cold water and stir again to mix well. Set aside to cool  but not set.

Meantime add 100 ml of boiling water and 1 Tsp gelatine in a jug, stir well to combined. Then mix well together with Berry blue jelly mixture. Cut strawberries into bite size. When Berry blue jelly had cool. Take out condensed milk jelly which had set, pour Berry jelly on top of condensed milk jelly.

Add strawberries and blackberries all around. It will move don’t worries. Put the mould back in fridge, now move the strawberries and blackberries to cover all around. Cover with lid and leave in fridge to set overnight.

To serve, carefully remove jelly from mould onto plate. Decorate with some strawberries in the middle and grind vanilla on top of the white condensed milk. Enjoy the cool wobbly dessert!!!