Coffee yoghurt and sour cream cake

Time to celebrate

Want an easy dessert that will bring the “oohs and aahs” This cake as simple as buy, decorate with berries, icing sugar wording “Merry Christmas” and shredded coconut. Nothing hits my masterpieces, especially when I have given a total twist. Taste the difference this Christmas, be adventurous!!!

Wow, we have made it to the end of the year 2021 despite the pandemic last year. There have been so many challenges, scary pandemic worldwide, many losses, saddening episodes, and separation from family in the year 2020, but now’s the time for us to come together with loved ones and make new memoirs around the Christmas table.

No matter your style of Christmas dinner, whether it’s traditional dinner or alfresco feast, every Christmas dinner ends with stunning and clever dessert that for sure will Wow everyone!!! My Summery Christmas cake adds a pleasant Aussie style to the traditional Christmas fruits cake.

I love Christmas not because of presents, it’s Love, Peace, Joy and Thankfulness for I have made it to the end of the year 2021 moving to the year of 2022 with Hope for another Blessed year. Let’s Cook, Share and Enjoy. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


350 g castor sugar
425 g plain flour
50 g SR flour
300 ml sour cream
300 ml yoghurt
3/4 c olive oil
4 large eggs
1 Tbs instant coffee powder
2 Tsp rum essence
1 Tsp baking powder
1/2 Tsp salt
1/4 Tsp bicarb of soda

Garnish 3 blackberries
2 strawberries
2 grapes
shredded coconut
icing sugar


Preheat oven 170 degrees C. Grease and line a 10” chiffon with tube or bundt tin, set aside. Mixed together and well flour, coffee powder, salt, baking powder and bicarb. Beat sugar rum essence and oil for 5 minutes. Add eggs beat well after each addition. Add yoghurt and sour cream until fully combined. Add in dry ingredients, mix well until consistency is right and combined.

Spoon batter into prepared bundt tin. Smooth the top and gives a couple gentle knock on bench to remove air bubble. Bake for 1 hour or until skewers out clean. Leave in oven with door close, switch off oven for 1 hour. Remove from oven, lift the bunt out of the ring tin and cool further before turning out onto a plate.

When it had cool completely about 6-8 hours. The next day garnish with 3 blackberries, 2 strawberries and 2 grapes after Sprinkle icing sugar on plastic design with word Merry Christmas with pressie, and bells in front of you and opposite on top a man, a woman and Christmas tree and followed by some shredded coconut to make a design.

Note: Oven temperature vary you might need less or more time. Place in oven for 45 minutes first, if skewer comes out creamy put back in for another 15-20 minutes. You can use butter instead of oil, your butter will be 340 g room temperature. The plain flour if using butter make it 375 g.

You can usechai tea or even double cream instead of yoghurt. You may add orange juice or use lemon juice. You can use square 10 “ or round springform baking tray. If you like strong coffee flavour add another 1/2 or 1 Tbs. I only add 1 Tbs as I can’t sleep if too strong coffee.



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