Salmon, poached egg on toast, mixed tomatoes & sliced cucumber serve with herbs sauce

Found this picture that I thought I have lost. This is where I first learn how to poach egg watching Jamie Oliver TV cooking in 2014. Then learn to make herbs sauce from somewhere can’t remember as it’s been long ago.

You would have noticed that my title of my recipes are all long so I can remember what I have use. I have to say it helps as I always don’t remember to write them until when I go through all my album or books of my recipes collections that I decided yea it’s time to sit think and write up then post it.

I enjoy challenging, creating and exploring the various methods as well as ingredients. This is quick easy meal as everything is ready except to poach egg and make the herbs sauce that is challenging. I know it’s not presentable but it sure is delicious comforting meal that I would share it and perhaps next time improvise. Let’s cook!!!


4-6 thinly sliced salmon, bought
1 egg
1 buttered toasted bread
5 medley tomatoes
5 pieces cucumber
some salad
cling wrap
kitchen string
water to poach
butter, spread on toast

Herb sauce

3 cloves garlic-peeled
1/2 lemon juice
1 tsp capers
1 small gherkins pickled in sweet vinegar (opt)
6 anchovy fillets
1 handful flat-leaf parsley, leaves picked
1 handful fresh basil, leaves picked
1 handful fresh thyme, leaves picked
1 handful sage, leaves picked
1 handful fresh mint, leaves picked
A few sprigs fresh oregano, remove stems
A few sprigs coriander, leaves picked
5 Tbs red wine vinegar
2 Tbs white wine vinegar
8 Tbs really good extra virgin olive oil
1-2 tsp sugar (opt)
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


Do it one day in advance

Blend in food processor/ blender finely garlic, capers, gherkins, anchovies, all the herbs and vinegar, then slowly pour in the olive oil until you achieve the right consistency. Balance the flavours with freshly ground black pepper, a bit of salt, sugar and maybe a little more vinegar. Sauce should have sweet / sour herby flavour.

Note: This sauce goes well with roasted ham, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, French stick bread, salads and even as pasta sauce. You can add more oil if you want more saucy. You can store it in a sterilise jars and refrigerate or in freezer use double ziplock bags and cling wraps. Make sure you label name and date.

The next day

Preheat grill. Toast and butter bread, put some salad on top and set aside on a baking tray. Place medley tomatoes on one side and cucumber on the other side on plate. Put a pot with water, bring to a boil. Then reduce to simmer for three minutes.

Meantime brush some oil on cling wrap and lay it, so it sit flat on a mug over lapping onto benchtop, crack the egg inside. Gently lift from the bench top and tie up with string and tied to a chopstick. Once water get bubbles in the pot, I carefully placed my wrap tied to chopstick egg into the water and poach for about 4-5 minutes.

Once done remove from pot to cool a little bit. Now dab some oil on salmon and place the buttered toasted bread with salmon in baking tray into the preheated grill for 1-2 minutes, just to lightly toast/cook it. Then transfer to plate with medley tomatoes and cucumber.

Cut open the poach egg string, place egg on top of salmon, gives a few shakes of pepper and a tiny bit of salt. Then spoon herb sauce onto the bottom of plate. Enjoy the brunch with a nice cup of brewed coffee.

Note: Bring out to room temperature herb sauce before using. I make a mistake of not bringing it out, so it’s look hard. Also, should have given a couple of stir and perhaps added more oil.