Artificial stewed pork chop flavoured noodle soup dumplings vegetables with chili sauce

Another creative lunch noodle that is simple and quick to cook. Using my last leftover chicken pieces and prawns’ dumplings from Costco. Bought new fresh bok choy. Today, I am adding chili sauce as I crave for chili sauce.

This is the last packet of artificial stew pork chop flavoured noodle soup too. Yesterday my sister bought me a box of shin ram yun noodles. Be creative and add anything: meat and vegetables that you can get in your area. I have attached the link for making drumsticks at the bottom.

My lunch is delicious, hearty and flavourful from the drumsticks stock and the condiments from the packed noodle dumplings, bok choy and of course my favourite chili sauce. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet artificial stewed pork chop flavoured noodle
1 bunch bok choy, cut to bite size
4-5 prawns’ dumplings, bought
hot water to parboil bok choy
5 leftover chicken pieces (link at the bottom)
1 Tsp chicken powder stock (OPT)
chili sauce
dried shallots, garnish


Put kettle on and when boil, pour into a microwave safe bowl and add bok choy. Microwave bok choy for about 5 minutes. Bring out the microwave safe bowl, add in noodle with the condiments, chicken pieces, chicken powder stock and the dumplings.

Then gives a couple of stir and put back in microwave further 6-7 minutes until noodle and dumplings are cooked and softened. Transfer them to serving bowls and squirt some chili sauce and garnish with dried shallots. Serve immediately with a glass of water. Enjoy!!!!

The recipe for drumsticks: