Avocado croissant with mixed salad and chili sauce

Every day we have opportunities to make a difference in our lives and people around us or through the quiet witness of a faithful and gentle life or through encouraging words to a weary soul.

Today my lunch is simple using avocado and croissant from my sisters. This can be packed lunch and its healthy. To me food don’t have to be expensive, luxury but enjoyable by being simply being creative and thankfulness.

A good friend gave me a vase with beautiful orchids in it. I just have to share the picture of it. Also, it’s a great sunny day today to enjoy with music and relaxing weekend. My lunch looks so tempting, healthy, green contrast with the pink orchids. Let’s get more green healthy lunch!!!!


1 croissant, halved and buttered
1/2 avocado flesh
a few salad mixed
chili sauce


Cut into half croissant and buttered it. One side filled with avocado and chili sauce. The other half filled with mixed salad and chili sauce. Serve a brewed coffee. Enjoy!!!!