Vegetables egg noodle soup

Meal for one

I love to eat noodle, especially egg noodle, with spicy condiments and paste. I don’t make my own noodle that’s for sure. I would buy them in boxes. The most I use is Shin ram yun noodles. The second best is pan mee noodles and third is Hokkien mee. The last choice Penang white curry mee.

Today a friend gave me a packet of a different brand Hokkien mee. I am adding leftovers green bean, pumpkin and cabbage. Pumpkin is roasted with paprika, salt and pepper which I had a few days ago. Green bean are cooked with garlic. Then fresh cabbage added for some extra colour.

The Hokkien mee flavour is not as good as the one I bought but it’s worth to eat. Usually Hokkien mee would include prawns, combination balls, fish cake and bean sprouts. I change it with leftovers. It’s an enjoyable, comforting and satisfying lunch. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet Hokkien noodle (given by friend, black packaging)
4 Tbs leftovers roasted pumpkin
3 green beans, cut to bite size
2 cabbage leaves, cut to bite size


Put kettle to boil. Open the packet of Hokkien mee, put in bowl with the condiments and paste. Add the cooked roasted leftover pumpkin, green bean with garlic in to the bowl.

When water is boiled, pour into another bowl with cabbage leaves and microwave for 5 minutes. Then pour hot boiling water into the prepared bowl with noddles and vegetables to about 3/4 full. Give a couples of stir and microwave it for about 5-6 minutes until noodles softened. Add cabbage in cook a further 2 minutes  until cooked through. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!