Pan egg spicy chicken slices cheese salad sandwiches

A food blogger had shared a post on how to cook egg whites that look like meringue and yolk in the centre cook slightly awhile ago. Today, I crave for a fancy looking egg cooking to go with my sandwiches. Remembered that video and so, I tried making it.

Well, I did have 4 dozen eggs, best use them before they are expired. I have added spicy chicken slices cherries tomatoes chili flakes salad and cheese to my egg sandwiches for my quick creative fun day lunch.

My fun fancy egg did turned out pretty, spicy, delicious and colourful. Glad I tried it. Be on a lookout for my more creative and fancy egg meal. Let’s cook!!!


4 slices spicy chicken (bought)
4 cherries tomatoes
2 slices bread
2 slices of cheese
1 large egg
mixed salad
chili flakes, (OPT)
spray oil


Spray a tiny bit of oil on the small pan. Gently wipe excess oil away. Knock open the egg straight into the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Use a glass to cover the yolk. Beat with electric hand beater the white until fluffy.

Then put onto small flame. Cook until yolk are slight cooked about 4-5 minutes. Spread margarine on the bread. Place 2 slices of chicken on each bread. Followed by cheese on each bread. On one of the bread add mixed salad. The other bread just microwave 15-17 seconds until cheese slightly melted.

Put the cook crispy meringue egg on top of the salad sandwich. Sprinkle some chili flakes. The melted cheese sandwich on the other side. Cut cherries tomatoes into half and place two small red colour cherries tomatoes on top of the egg yolk. The others on the sides. Serve sandwiches with a hot cup of brewed coffee. Enjoy!!!!