Pan mee bok choy and pork balls noodle soup

Week day simple lunch are from packet, bought or can be from my sisters. I called it my lazy day time where my lunch is simple using hot water from kettle and cooked in microwave.

The ingredients that I added in can vary from whether I have them fresh or leftovers. Today is pan mee noodle in a packet. The other ingredients from freezer which I have thawed earlier. The bok choy I bought yesterday on sale.

My lazy simple quick lunch is yummy have green and meat. Plus, it has soup as it’s a cold day today. Enjoy my simple lunch. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet pan mee noodle soup
1 bunch of boy choy, wash, cut to bite size
5 pork balls
hot boiling water


Fried shallots


Put kettle on. Meantime, wash bok choy, cut into bite size and place in a bowl. Rinse pork balls and place in a bowl with enough water, cook on high microwave for 4 minutes. Drain the water and place together with bok choy in the bowl. Open the packet, empty noodle in to the same bowl add the 2 small condiment packets that came with it. The flavour is black pepper oil.

Once kettle water boil. Pour enough water to cover all the ingredients. Put in microwave and cook for about 3 and ½ minutes on high. Microwave watts is 1000. Then gives a couple of stir and add a bit more hot water if needed. Start cooking again for another 3-4 minutes until everything is cooked through. Especially pork balls.

Once done, removed from microwave. Add fried shallots and serve immediately. Serve with a cup of Chinese tea. Enjoy!!!


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