Minced pork salted preserved vegetables

It has been ages I had not had this dish. It’s one of my grandma favourite dishes. Back home in Malaysia, we always have this dish served with fried eggs and rice. It can be found easily in Malaysia market and can be bought fresh too.

I managed to get this in the Asian grocery in prepack. Got some pork minced to go with it. Now I needed to know from my mother how to cook and what ingredients to add in. After thinking hard of my memory of how grandma cook and a bit of idea from my mom the method.

I almost changed my mind as it needed to be soaked and rinsed one whole day and rinsed again and drained before I cook it. Anyway, didn’t want to waste the vegetable and it’s worth the try. I have come out with a delicious meal served with rice and fried egg a separate dish. Let’s cook another of my Asian culinary is put into practice with mom’s and grandma help.


500 g minced pork
1 packet salted preserved vegetables (Kiam Chye)
4 Tbs oil
3-4 Tbs Shoa Xing Chinese cooking wine
2 Tbs light soy sauce
1 Tbs oyster sauce
1 Tbs minced garlic
1 Tbs corn flour
white pepper
a pinch of salt (OPT)


One day in advance

Washed, rinsed and soaked the salted preserved vegetables in fresh water to get rid of the saltiness. Then rinsed a couple of time and drained really well. Chopped up to bite size and place it in a plate and in the fridge with cling wrap cover it.

The next day, bring out the salted preserved vegetables from fridge to room temperature. Then in the pan on medium heat add oil. Once oil is hot add garlic, fry until fragrant about 1 minute. Add pork, fry breaking up as you fry it. Add soy sauce, oyster sauce and pepper. Continue to toss around until it browned, and pork is cooked about 5 minutes.

Now add in the salted preserved vegetables, a bit of water and Shoa Xing, mixing well with the pork until the vegetables have wilted and softened about 10-12 minutes. Next mix cornflour with 4 Tbs water in a cup until no lump. Then pour into the pork and vegetables, gives a couple of stir and toss until you get a caramelised dish about 4 minutes. Check the seasoning. If needed salt add in.

Spoon up onto a deep dish and served with rice and fried egg. Enjoy!!!