Coca cola grilled drumettes

Felt like having chicken and coca cola. Bought drumettes and coca cola. Also, I have not use my griller for a while. Let’s wash the grill clean then I can grill these cute little drumettes marinated in coca cola.

First thing to do is marinade these drumettes. While they are marinade for 4-6 hours, I can clean the grill, do house chores. While on a break, browse through Netflix to see what’s on so, I can have my snacks/ light dinner and watch Netflix. I suppose these are healthy.

Have been putting on a lot of weight got to cut down eating junk food, creamy stuff and full of fats food like risotto, cake and pudding. I am glad I can make use of my griller and have a delicious finger licking light dinner as well as snacks. Let’s grill!!! Opps!!! couldn’t wait to take picture already ate some and licking my fingers.

To Marinade:

16 chicken drumettes
80-100 ml apple cider vinegar
2 Tbs red wine vinegar
1 can coca cola
6 Tbs chili powder
4 Tbs ground black pepper
2 Tbs honey
1 Tbs ground cinnamon
1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
2 Tsp sweet paprika
2 Tsp cumin
a pinch of salt
spray olive oil


Put the drumettes into double plastic bag with the marinade. Move the drumettes around in the bag until they are well marinade for 4-6 hrs, during the time; toss drumettes in bag to marinade.

Preheat grill. Line a baking sheet, double layer aluminum foil on tray and spray some olive oil. Then place drumettes. Grill over high heat turning often, until charred on the outside, about 10-12 minutes, turn grill lower and basting with the uncooked marinade until the outside is crispy, turning often about 30-35 minutes. Take one and cut the fattest part to check that inside is cooked.

Brush drumettes with a little marinade, cover with foil and let rest on the turn off hot grill for 5 minutes before transferring to plate and serve with the remaining coca cola and it’s a must for me to dunk into my chili sauce.

Note: You can use chicken wings, meat with a bit of bone. I suppose the whole chicken like beer chicken using can beer such as Guinness Stout, empty half into a glass and let chicken sit on the remaining half in the can and perhaps baste coca cola marinade on the whole chicken. You can make your own chili sauce or tomato sauce to go with it. My friend gave me the XO chili sauce.