Fig and blueberry chia pudding with fig and melting chocolate

A stroll upon dewy grass under falling leaves offers a special type of serenity. Gorgeous warm hues and fresh air without a mask are what we all need before the cold snap of winter arrives.

When you are ready to venture outdoors you will find the park is a visual feast just waiting to be enjoyed!!!! Capturing all the magic of autumn in one, these parks deserve to be at the top of your autumnal adventures.

Prepare yourself to be dazzled by the refined elegant of these parks. You will feel a childlike sense of discovery as well as you explore their hidden treasures. Statues, water, features,  and sweeping the lawns perfect for picnic under the bright sunny days.

Autumn is no exception with radiant golds, reds, and oranges. Thanks to God for the beautiful parks, you will never have trouble finding a quiet spot to watch leaves fall, birds busy flying around enjoy a picnic, or eating your favourite dessert. My fig chia pudding is like a dazzling refined elegant in terms of layering and using figs, chia seeds and melting chocolate. It sure is comforting to enjoy as well as to indulge. Let’s cook!!!


120 g double cream
3/4 c milk
8-12 plum figs, cut to bite size
1/2 c chia seeds
2-3 Tsp molasses
100 g blueberries
cinnamon powder


45 g melting chocolate, melt in microwave


Mix all ingredients, except figs and blueberries in a metal medium size bowl until well mixed. Let it sit for about 3-4 minutes and then stir again. Cover with cling wraps and put in fridge overnight.

The next day, cut the figs and set aside. Wash the blueberries and set aside. Place the melting chocolate in a bowl and microwave about 20 seconds each time for 3 times until melted. In between give a couple of stir. Set aside to cool.

Now spoon about 2 Tbs of chia pudding into glasses. Followed by figs bite size a few. Then another 2 Tbs of chia pudding, followed by a few blueberries. Repeat till figs and blueberries at the top. Spoon some melted chocolate over the top. Serve immediately.

Note: You can omit melting chocolate. I added as I wanted to get rid of the leftovers. You can add more milk if you like it a bit smooth soft.