Blueberries panettone pudding

Thinking of what dessert for Christmas that is not too expensive, easy and delicious. Here’s my blueberries panettone pudding. It can be an Italian Christmas pudding. Or just Summer entertaining dessert to go with ice cream to cool down.

Perhaps jewel like berries are at their best, so brighten your dessert with this recipe that take you and your family to enjoy the Summer Christmas festive season. A nice little indulgent to end the heavy hot cooked meal.

My pudding is delightful soft, liqueur infused flavour, soft, and have bursting crunch blueberries sweetened served with cream and ice cream. Tempted to try. Let bake!!!


625 g panettone (or pandoro)
300 g blueberries
6 Tbs plum liqueur
2 Tbs water
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
100 g caster sugar
250 g mascarpone cheese
250 ml double cream
125 ml milk
125 ml marsala


Preheat oven 160 degrees C. Greased the baking tray. Using a serrated knife, cut the panettone roughly into 1cm / ½ inch slices, place about a third at the bottom of baking tray about 500 ml capacity.

Scatter 150 g blueberries on top. Make sure pieces fit so that there are no gaps; panettone is fabulously soft and mouldable, so this isn’t a hard job. Drizzle plum Liqueur over it so that the panettone lining is dampened.

It looks like a beautiful golden patchwork. Put sugar and water in pot and swirl around to help dissolve sugar before putting on hob medium high heat.

Caramelised sugar and water mixture by letting it bubbly away without stirring until turn deep amber colour about 3-5 minutes. Keep looking. Turn heat down to low and add cream ignore the spluttering. Beat in milk, mascarpone and marsala. Keep beating over low heat.

Remove from heat, still beating add beaten eggs. Pour the caramel custard over panettone and leave to soak about 10 minutes. Scatter the remaining blueberries on top. Bake about 30-40 minutes until golden and cooked. Serve with cream or vanilla ice cream, or custard.

Note: You can use croissants, or raisin bread instead of panettone. You can use any fruits of your choice. You may omit mascarpone cream replace with thickened cream.

You may want to add more eggs perhaps 2 more depending on the amount of bread or panettone you use or how custardy you want your pudding to be. You can make extra custard to serve.



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