Herbs chocolate semolina cake

Elevate the flavour of your dessert with herbs from your garden and your indulgence. My indulgence is chocolate. The best part of experimenting is sampling the herbs with chocolate. Bring herbs chocolate flavours with a semolina twist.

It’s perfect for a cake and easy quick bake. Whether you love Italian or Indian herbs, cuisine and spices are indeed a great way to boost the flavours of your dessert without adding extra sugar or butter.

In time of quarantine, I encourage you to put in your good deeds to great use; help you to stay away from depression, boredom and be creative like me. You don’t need much just keep it simple with abundance from God.

This cake is not very pretty sight, I had to do a little surgery on it. Patch it back. I dare say, I am not disappointed with it; the flavour certainly hold the cake as rich decadent moisten with olive oil. This is what I cared for the taste not beauty.

My cake did indeed turn out delicious. Well, I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner even in between snacks and late supper. Let’s bake and enjoy eating!!!


3 eggs
225 g castor sugar
180 g semolina flour
300 g thickened cream
75 ml olive oil
1 Tbs prune juice, bought
2 Tsp ginger powder
1 Tsp baking powder
60 g plain flour
3 g each rosemary, sage and lemon thyme herbs
200 g melting white chocolate
Sprinkles chocolate (OPT)

Preheat oven 170 degrees C. Grease bundt 26 cm. Beat eggs and sugar together until sugar dissolved. Add thicken cream, oil, and prune juice beating till mixture is smooth.

Fold in semolina, plain flour, herbs and baking powder till combined. Spoon half batter onto bundt. Gently press in half chocolate into batter. Then remaining batter. Followed by remaining chocolate. Sprinkle chocolate on top.

Bake for 40 minutes, skewer out clean; switch off oven. Leave in oven 30 minutes. Then cooling on rack further about 20 minutes. Removed from bunt tin onto plate. Serve warm or cold your choice.

Note: You can use any fruits in season, or canned fruits of your choices. You can omit the herbs or use any herbs you like. You can use lemon juice or fresh grated ginger.




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