Mascarpone vanilla cream and fruits with sauces

I am thrilled that I finally made this dessert from Gary Mueller, a Facebook food blogger in Homemade Italian Recipes. It’s an awesome Italian dessert that I have never thought I would be creating for fear that it’s not an Italian dessert. So, here’s my recreated Italian dessert.

In order to call my own, I have added another sauce: glaze vinegar, bought it from supermarket. Well, I love my plate to be colourful, delicious and beautiful. Though it’s not as beautiful as Gary Mueller. It’s being courage and daring to achieve the same level as Gary Mueller standard that I am pleased.

In my other sauce I use strawberries and red plum from my garden. Fruits such as grapes, papaya and blueberries. Instead of lemon juice, I have use lime. I have omitted lemon zest.

Thank you, Gary Mueller. Let’s get started before I wet my keyboard. This dessert serves 6 people.


250 g mascarpone
200 g yoghurt
2 Tbs lime juice
2 Tbs honey
1 Tsp Vanilla extract
shakes some pepper (OPT)
3 strawberries into pieces
9 grapes, cut only 3 into halves
10-12 blueberries
half strip of papaya

Fruit sauce

250 g strawberries, stem removed and cut to pieces
2 red plum, skin and seed removed, cut to pieces
2 Tsp water
1 Tsp honey
Squirt glazed vinegar (bought)


In a pot, add strawberries and red plum with water on med heat to cook until fruits have softened, and some liquid come out from fruits. Stirring often while cooking for 7 minutes. Remove from hob and set aside to cool in fridge until needed.

Meantime, beat mascarpone, yoghurt, lime juice, honey and vanilla until fluffy stiff foam. Then put it in fridge to cool and when time to plate up. Next cut up strawberries, grapes, and papaya.

Now time to plate up. Ladle cool cream with a big serving to make it look like a big rocky mountain, then a slightly smaller for another rocky mountain, then using two spoons try to mould it to be a smooth rock and the last one a smooth rock in the centre.

Decorate uncut grapes two on each mountain and rocks, then strawberries pies gently push in and followed by around it. Then add papaya to the side and followed by blueberries.

Now squirt the glazed vinegar over the mountains and rocks as well as on some fruits. I squirt one very big plop of vinegar to make it looks like a muddy pond among the grass: grape and broken brick: papaya. Then with s teaspoon scoop the red sauce and dollops some around and plop some the fruits. For extra creative sprinkle black pepper.

Note: You can use raspberries and blackberries or any fruits of your choice. You can pour your sauce into a bottle and squeeze out into finer line like Gary.



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  1. FoodTrails

    Looks so delicious!! This a regular in my house and kids just this kind of desserts.. a good way to feed fruits to kids and this also makes a super and easy to put party dessert..


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