I know Monday is usually meatless day. I am going to have meatless meal on Tuesday. Having salad is healthy for me. Since the festive seasons Christmas and New Year, the menu are lots of meat. Oily baked vegetables and alcohol consumption too.

With so much of creamy dessert as well. I am planning on eating more salad and green vegetables. To gives, my stomach a rest from all the meaty, oily and creamy meal.

This can also be vegetarian meal apart from healthy eating. I can get nutrition from salad. As I have some salad leftovers from my roasted chicken on a bed of salad with mayonnaise and chili sauce.

I am adding flat bread to wrap the salad and salad on the side. Also, adding a couple of sage leaves. It’s colourful, nutrition, simple, quick, healthy, comfort, and delicious.

Let’s salad dancing with a simple dressing of salt and pepper, drizzle of oil and balsamic vinegar with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Then plop on flat bread to rest.

Next wrap salad like a sausage, safely tucked on plate with extra salad. Now I have a satisfying healthy meal.

1 packet baby peppery rocket, wash and dry
1 small packet medley tomatoes, cut to bite size
5 button mushrooms, cut to bite size
6 sage leaves, tear into small bite size
1 spinach flat bread

Balsamic vinegar
Worcestershire sauce (OPT)
olive oil


In a bowl add rocket, tomatoes, mushrooms and sage leaves. Then season with salt, pepper. Drizzle oil, and vinegar. Just before wrapping, dash Worcestershire sauce over.

Wrap by pushing the salad to one end; fold the bread over tightly. Next fold the sides and tightly roll up. Then press to seal it. Add more salad on the side. Enjoy!!!!


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