Shin ram yun noodles soup with combination fish balls

Here’s another instant noodle creation meal for one. The instant noodle is to make cooking time less. Though it’s not healthy to eat them every day according to health and safety association.

Not only did I experiment and explore my cooking skills, but I also am daring to take the challenges thrown at me: on budgets. How do you like your food? Do you like an elegant environment that takes ages, costly and time consuming or a satisfying food that is simple, delicious, vibrant yet, it’s had the do’s and don’ts eat?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plate up your meal in less than 10 minutes? Anyway, the challenge I am talking is “greatness” refers to how to create cost efficient meal. Plus, I can deliver my food in a timely manner and delicious enough to satisfy my soul. Trust, it will satisfy yours.


4 combination fish balls
1 packet shin ramyun noodles
1 medium napa cabbage, cut into bite size
1 stalk of spring onion, cut thinly
half handful of sliced brown Swiss mushroom
boiling water
chilli oil (opt)


Bring kettle to boil. Meantime, open the shin ramyun packet and place in a deep big bowl with its condiments. Then wash and dry napa, spring onion mushrooms and combination fish balls.

Cut napa, and spring onion. Then add them together with combination fish balls and mushrooms into the big deep bowl with noodles. Once kettle boil, pour enough water to cover the ingredients in the bowl.

Microwave it for 6-7 minutes until noodles is softened, combination fish balls puff up/ double in size, napa cooked through and spring onion had soften and done. Before serving, add chilli oil. Serve it with a glass cabernet merlot.



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