This is a very simple, quick and easy meal to make for yourself. Most of the ingredients are bought. When you are hungry this is the best meal you can make less than 10 minutes. Meal for one.

I know its not good to eat too much msg from packets like this pan mee. Though it had many flavours. I choose the original seafood soup. Noodles is second to rice for Asian consumption. When I were a child I love all types of and cooking style noodles. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am not very good at cooking noodles, so I buy from take away noodles stall or buy instant packet noodles and add other ingredients to make a delicious meal. This time I use bought combination fish balls.



6 combination fish balls
1 packet original seafood soup
1 medium carrot, sliced diagonally
1 stalk of spring onion, cut thinly
half handful of shimeji, cut into bite size
boiling water
dried shallot
dried garlic
chilli oil (opt)


Bring kettle to boil. Meantime, open the pan mee packet and place in a deep big bowl with its condiments. Then wash and dry carrot, spring onion and combination fish balls.

Cut carrot, and spring onion. Then add them together with combination fish balls into the big deep bowl with pan mee. Once kettle boil, pour enough water to cover the ingredients in the bowl.

Microwave it for 7-8 minutes until pan mee is softened, combination fish balls puff up/ double in size, carrot cooked through and spring onion had soften and done.

Before serving, add dried garlic and shallot. Followed by chilli oil. Serve it with a bottle of Okinawa sour beer or white sweet moscato.

Note: you can use stove to cook if you like. As I am so hungry, I needed to eat quickly, so I fill with boiling water and microwave it.


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