Blueberry craisin and tarragon loaf

I bought a large loaf tin a few days ago. I thought of making banana bread but then I run out of banana. So, I make blueberry, craisin and tarragon loaf.

Trying out fruits and herb combinations as well as my new loaf tin. This is my first gluten free recipe. I saw it on google some time ago. So, I decided to try it out. As always, love to experiment food, I had added tarragon to it as I have some left over from making Bernaise sauce for my beef which I saw Rick Stein making Bernaise on TV.

I am happy with the flavour even though it did have a crack. But just being able to experiment and explore the combinations of my ingredients prove to work out well; though my family don’t like it much. They prefer butter type of loaf like banana bread. This is one and a half recipe. Enjoy!!!!


315 g self raising flour
300 ml soy milk
165 g castor sugar
60 g blueberries
60 g craisins
1/2 Tsp cream of Tatar
2 Tsp lime juice
2 small sprigs of Tarragon
1 small lemon zest


Strawberry jam


Preheat oven 170 degrees C. Greased large loaf tin with butter. Mix flour, and sugar together. Add soy milk and whisk until smooth. Add zest, juice, cream of tatar and stir through. Then add blueberries and craisins. Mix well.

Pour batter into tin, smooth out top. Give a couple of knock on bench top. Bake for 45-55 minutes or until cooked through. Check with a skewer, if comes out clean then it’s done. Leave in oven for 25 minutes, switch off oven and close door.

After removing from oven, remove from tin and place on a plate. Spread strawberry jam on top. Serve it with English breakfast tea or even coffee if you like. I had mine warm up a little in microwave then buttered it and cut it into bite size. Serve with English breakfast tea.

Note: Oven temperature may vary. You may need less or more time. You may want to glaze it with icing sugar and a few teaspoons of lemon. You may use lime and blueberry only and omit tarragon. You may use medium size loaf tin so your ingredients should less.