Grill salmon on a bed of salad with boiled carrots

Grill salmon on a bed of salad with boiled carrots

I managed to get salmon today cheap. Thus, it’s a cold day. I thought it would be great to grill as the grill might keep me warm. This is my lazy type, simple fast cooking and less mess.

I grill my salmon in the kitchen. As I am a chili lover. I have added a pinch of paprika to give me a mild spiciness as not wanting to spoil the fresh salmon taste. Serve with carrots, tomatoes and salad. Grill salmon does not need a lot of rubs of spices and like it pinkish and with a hint of spiciness. Just the basic salt, pepper and oil.

It’s healthy, beautiful and comfort meal to eat next to fireplace and serve with a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!


2 skinless and boneless salmon
1/2 packets of mixed salad, washed and drained
2 tomatoes, cut into wedges
2 small carrots, cut into bite size
2-4 Tbs oil
black pepper ground and cracked black pepper
a pinch paprika powder (OPT)


Pre heat grill, line tray with foil. Place carrots in a microwave safe bowl with water and cook for 7-9 minutes until cooked through, tender. Drain and plate it, cover with foil.

Rub some oil, salt, pepper and paprika on to salmon. Place in the foiled tray. Then grill salmon for 5-7 minutes until light pink or to your liking.

Distribute the salad on to plate and cut the tomatoes. Once salmon done, plate the salmon on top of the salad with boiled carrots. Serve with sweet white wine.


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