Porcini mushrooms & truffle triangolis with mushrooms okra in crispy prawns chilli sauce

This meal is easy, quick, and simple leftovers. All you need is add a few more ingredients to make a delicious satisfying meal.

I love the spicy flavour as well as crispy texture. It’s a great healthy combination with pasta mushrooms and tomatoes. Let’s cook!!!


250 g Porcini mushrooms & truffles triangolis, bought
pinch of salt
1 Tsp olive oil

Stir fry Vegetables

20 okra, stem removed, washed, dried and cut diagonally
2 cloves garlic, minced
5 – 7 medium size cup mushrooms, cut thinly
2 green tomatoes, cut into bite size (given by friend)
2 red tomatoes, cut into bite size (given by friend)
60 g butter
4 Tbs crispy prawns chilli sauce, bought


Cook the triangolis as per instruction on packet and reserved 1/2 c of the water.

Heat oil in frying pan, add garlic fry till fragrant. Next add okra, cook and stir until slightly tender about 3 minutes. Transfer okra to a plate. (okra absorb a lot of oil).

Next add tomatoes and mushrooms, stir about 2 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper. Put back okra, more oil, the reserved water and let it simmer about 3 minutes. Add butter, chilli sauce to caramelised; then add triangolis and gently stir to mix well. Taste and season the sauce.

Plate 6 triangolis each on to serving bowl; put some mushrooms, tomatoes and okra with chilli sauce on top. Serve with sweet white wine.


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