Edam cheese Porterhouse with baked Brussel sprouts and semi dried tomatoes on a bed of salads.JPG

Tales of buried treasure have captured imaginations for centuries, though such discoveries rarely happen. Its must be amazing to be able to find the treasure right?

The buried treasure here is the salad, Brussel sprouts, carrots, sundried tomatoes and steaks. What do you think about my buried treasure?

In term of food sometimes buried food do gives extra flavour enticing the eater with each mouthful. Just like us we need others and they needs us.

I cannot be just eating meat alone, I needed vegetables and or salad to have a balance diet. Thus the combined food make its delicious, balancing of meat and greens.

Eating is a daily process, we have to eat to live. Don’t you agree with me? I am hungry. Are you hungry?

Let get cooking!!!


4 Poterhouse steaks
8 slices Edam cheese
250 g Brussel sprouts, remove stems, parboil 7 – 8 minutes
200 g match sticks carrots
150 g semi dried tomatoes, bought with herbs oil
2 medium packets of salad, washed and drain dry
4- 6 Tbsp balsamic vinegar glaze
1 Tbs Morrocan spice powder
olive oil


Preheat oven 200 degree C.

Marinade steaks with salt, pepper, balsamic glaze and oil for 30 minutes. Cut the stems of Brussel sprouts, par boiled for 7 – 8 minutes in microwave; drained and set aside. Just before putting in oven on a baking tray; season with salt pepper, Moroccan powder and glaze a bit. Drizzle oil.

In another tray place steaks and cook for 18-20 minutes. Turn over after 13 minutes. Then place two slices Edam cheese on top of steak and cook further to your liking until cheese melted. I prefer medium done.

Plate salad at the bottom followed by match stick carrots, Brussel around it and steak in the center. Then place semi dried tomatoes on the side and drizzle some oil from tray and some semi dried herbs oil from the tomatoes. Serve with a glass of red full body wine.

Note: Oven vary and time. Also how you like your meat to be. You can use any vegetables you preferred.


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