Mushroom, spring onion, chili flakes cloud cured egg served with blackouts kale chips and strawberries

Mushroom, spring onion,chili flakes cloud cured egg served with blackouts kale chips and strawberries .JPG

I have recreated from Masterchef recipe using cured egg and Tall order foodie + recipe using cloud egg. Here is my version of combined cured egg and cloud eggs.

Usually, eggs are for breakfast in most countries, as for me I have eggs for brunch, lunch, snack, dinner or even supper. They are quick to cook as well as simple meal or they can be creative. So, here’s the creative version.

Cloud Ingredients

1 egg 800 g, fresh cold, separate yolk to be cured and white to make cloud
1/8 cm spring onion, finely cut
1 medium size mushroom, finely chopped

Cured Egg Ingredients

100g caster sugar
20g fine table salt
1 yolk
1/2 cm of Swiss cheese, to place on top of cured yolk
A pinch or two chili flakes
A palm size kale, wash, drain and season with salt and spray oil
2 strawberries cut into bite size
oil spray


1 st thing to do

For the Cured Egg, in a bowl mix sugar and salt together to make the cure mix. Pour half of the cure mix into a deep bowl and level the surface. Using a tablespoon, create a small, round well for each yolk to sit in.

Separate egg keeps as much of the white as possible to make the cloud and place a yolk inside the well of the cure mix. Sprinkle remaining of cure mix on top and set aside, in the refrigerator to cure until needed. (About 3 to 4 hours)

2 nd thing to do 

Preheat the oven 180 deg C. After 3 – 4 hours, whisk the whites with a pinch of salt. Once there are stiff peaks fold the mushroom and the spring onion through. Don’t over mix or you’ll remove all the air.

Spoon onto oiled foil on a baking tray. Make cloud shape, and a little well in the centre for the yolk later on. Bake the kale and cloud egg whites for 8 – 10 minutes. Remove from the oven. Plate kale chips and strawberries on top of the bowl and set aside.

Using hands, gently lift the cured yolks from the cure mix. Carefully lower your hand holding the yolk into a bowl of room temperature water and gently swill water over the yolk to dissolve and remove cure mix. Do not rub the cure mix off. Place cured yolks on to the cloud well.

Next put cheese on top of cured yolk and sprinkle chili flake Return to the oven for an additional 2-3 minutes. Once the yolks cooked to your liking and cheese melted, remove from the oven and serve.



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