Helen’s bucatini 6 pasta

Which of the 5 senses brings back your memories most sharply? For me it is these 2 senses of smell and taste. The taste of the ingredients to make the pasta takes me instantly to Italy beach. The smell of basil and oregano sauce brings back my memory of my good neighbour bringing me a bowl of her lovely pasta. A hint of herbs says “Pasta Night”, and a certain kind of perfume reminds me of her warm friendly gesture with a bright smile.

Today, I smelt that smell and boom goes my craving for pasta. Food from pantry and fridge. The basil and oregano sauce, tomato paste, Worcester sauce, white wine vinegar, red wine and XO chili sauce made the whole kitchen smell like the perfume my neighbour had it on her.

As the aroma of sauces simmering away garlic, minced beef, mushrooms and vegetables, what taste do pasta bring with them as they cook in the pot? It’s not something that can be bought in the shop. When my neighbour spend her time cooking for me with love, I begin to think, and act like her. Spending time with her learning to cook and eat like an Italian help me spread a pleasing fragrance to those around me.

My bucatini 6 pasta brings you a bowlful of love that words cannot express. Till you cook it with your heart lovingly than you will have a delicious, flavoursome, goodness, comfort, and hearty warm meal. No matter what we endure on earth, we are safe and grateful to have a generous good neighbour to savour it with. Let’s cook and invite her over.


2 cloves garlic, minced
1 small of red and green capsicum, cut into bite size
5 – 7 medium size cup mushrooms, cut thinly
1 small red onion, chopped finely
1 small tin of tomato paste
4 Tbs Worcester sauce
1 bottle of pasta sauce: basil and oregano
500 g minced beef premium
1/8 c of white wine vinegar
1/2 c red wine
1 c of water from cooking the bucatini
200 – 250 g bucatini, cooked according to instruction, drain and set aside
4 Tbs of XO chili sauce


Cook the bucatini as per instruction on packet and reserved 1 c of the water. Then heat oil in pot, add garlic fry till fragrant. Next add minced beef, fry for 10 minutes until brown all over, add in onion and fry further 4 minutes until softened.

Then add mushrooms, capsicums and season with salt and pepper. Pour the sauces, water, and tomato paste let it simmer about 7 minutes. Add the vinegar, wine, XO sauce and stir to mix well. Taste and season the sauce. Plate the cooked bucatini on to serving bowl; scoop 2-3 ladles of the sauce over it. Serve with Parmesan cheese or on it on with a glass of red full body wine.



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