Peh Pah tofu fish cake, eggplant panko, bok choy, bee hoon noodle soup


Feeling like having noodles today, So I went to Asian grocery and bought all the ingredients that I needed to cook. I use my leftovers eggplant panko that I made for my Rack of lamb, panko eggplant, potato, tomatoes, and olives, feta with sun-dried capsicum. Recipe at the bottom.

Chinese Noodle Soup is when I or you are feeling lazy, simply don’t want to waste time, great for cold raining days and busy weeknights. It’s also when my fridge needed clean outs because it’s so fast and easy and I can toss in any vegetables and proteins I have. My broth tastes like what I get fromChinese restaurants even though this is made using a store bought.

This noodle soup is ready in less than 15 minutes. It takes more than just ready pack broth and XO chilli sauce, extra hot chilli, garlic oil and dried fried garlic to make a tasty soup. Enjoy a nice hot noodle soup!!!!


1 packet bee hoon noodle soup with condiments – 2 minutes noodles
bought peh pah tofu fish cake – use 3 pieces, cut into bite size
eggplant panko made ahead – one day
1 bunch of boy choy, wash, cut into bite size
boiling water
3 Tbs XO chili sauce
2 Tbs extra hot chili (Optional)
1 Tsp garlic oil, plus dried fried garlic


Boil water, add in the packet condiments in a bowl with bok choy. Microwave the veg for 5 minutes. Then add fish cake and eggplant panko; microwave for a further 4 minutes.

Next add the XO chili, garlic oil, dried fried garlic and extra hot chili with the noodle; microwave a further 3 minutes. Once done, remove from microwave. Serve with white wine.

If you want to try my eggplant panko:


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