Helen’s KFC

Felt like having KFC. When to get drumettes and wings, the wings are not on sales though. It’s a simple homemade KFC. For this you got to be patience waiting for the chicken to be soaked in the marinade.

I suppose if you are in a hurry you can marinade it for 45 minutes to an hour. But remember the flavour will not be deeply absorbed. I am trying out using what I have in my pantry for the marinade. I have added turmeric powder for some colouring.

I am happy that my chicken pieces aren’t burnt and had cooked through. It’s smell so delicious, tender juice and spicy for me. Let’s cook and lick your fingers.


A mixture of drumettes and wings chicken, about 12 of each
6 -8 Tbs honey
3 Tbs olive oil
2 Tbs turmeric powder (OPT)
2 – 4 Tbs paprika powder
2 – 4 Tbs cayenne powder
2 – 4 coriander powder
1 Tbs Worcester sauce
1 Tbs truffle infuse oil (OPT)
1 Tbs white wine vinegar
sea salt
baking paper


Place chicken pieces in triple bag resealable, add all the ingredients in to the bag with chicken pieces. Marinade 4-6 hours or overnight. Place in fridge on a tray. Every 1 hour just toss the chicken pieces around so the marinade can get into all the chicken.

The following day, preheat oven 200 degree C. Place 1 sheet of baking paper then 2 sheets of foils in baking tray. Then arrange the chicken pieces on the tray, don’t over crowd them. Use two trays if your chicken is big.

Baked for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on how hot your oven is. Check the chicken, I cut a tiny slit onto the thickest part of drumettes to see if there is still blood or pink and also make sure it’s not burnt. Once done plate them up and serve with sweet potatoes chips or kale chips.