Chunky stock pot with bread

Chunky beef and vegetables stock pot.JPG    

1 can of chunky stock pot soup (Campbell)
200 g beef eye fillet, cut into pieces
100 ml vanilla custard
2 Tsp of peach chutney
1 sprig rosemary
2 small potatoes, cut into bite size


Heat oil in pot, add beef fillet and potatoes. Cooked for 12 -14 minutes stirring then add rosemary, salt and pepper. Cooked further 2 minutes.

Then add the chunky stockpot; bring it to simmer for 5 minutes; add vanilla custard and peach chutney and stir until it starts to bubbling away.

Taste to see if needed more salt or pepper or you want more custard. Then simmer a further 5 minutes. Then its ready to be served up.