Veal tortellini with Irish stew


Feel like I am going to fall sick. I best stay home. I tried using the RAT test that I have at home. The result were negative. Perhaps, just common fever as the past few days it were freezing cold. In case if the test is mistake, I still will not go out, got to be considerate and not being inconsiderate go and infect people.

I know I always have some canned food and dried packets food. Luckily I found fresh veal tortellini and frozen cubes kale in my freezer. What sauce to go with them? Open my pantry and found a canned Irish stew soup, a tube of Harissa paste; best use them before expired and a box of vegetables stock I bought a week ago. Now I have a complete meal to cook and staying in for 6 days just to be safe.

I am glad that I can still have a decent meal even though my head is spinning and felt like I am having fever. I got to have chili as it’s my comfort food when I am sick except with sore throat then I won’t have chili. My simple meal is simple, quick and delicious. Let’s cook!!!!


1 packet of fresh veal tortellini
1 large can of Irish stew soup
4 cubes of frozen kale
2 Tsp of Harissa paste
a dash of pepper
a pinch of salt
1/4 c vegetables stock


Cook tortellini in a pot of salted water until it float up with frozen kale for 5 minutes. Remove tortellini and kale, drained and set aside. In a meanwhile bring the Irish stew to simmer and warm up in another pot.

Add stock, Harissa paste and kale into the stew to warm it up and stir to combined well. Next spoon tortellini on to bowl and spoon a ladle or two of stew over. Serve with red wine. Enjoy in front of fireplace and watch Netflix. Then keep the remainder stew and tortellini in fridge when cold for next few day.

Note: You can use water instead of vegetables stock, You can omit Harissa paste just use tomato paste. You can use any vegetables of your choice. You can make your own Irish stew. As I am feeling sick, I don’t want to be in the kitchen for long time so I use canned.