Baked bread spam meat blueberry spring onions and cheese – meal for one

Baked bread w spam, blueberryspring onion and cheese.jpg

Today is Australian Day and with temperature rising to 35 degrees C. Also, with empty fresh food on shelves. Managed to get a canned spam meat before it goes out. With blueberries just arrived and price is high, I have got to get it as I don’t have any fruits at home.

With a few stalks of spring onion, leftover cheese and bread I got something up my sleeve at least I got something to eat and celebrate Australia Day, though it would be great to have lamb as I used to in the past. With Covid going on workers are sick. Will just have what I can get. Hopefully workers are well again to stock up the shelves and delivery us the food. It’s a simple meal, comforting and creative delicious. Let’s celebrate Australia Day and cook!!!


1 slice of bread, cut a circle in the middle, cube the circle bread
1 egg
1 cooked sliced of spam meat, cut into small cubes
1/2  punnet of blueberries
1 stalk spring onion, finely chopped
50 ml thicken cream
salt and pepper
Granada grated cheese


Preheat oven 200 degrees C. Then cut a hole in the middle of bread and cut into cubes the circle of the bread.

Whisk the egg and cream together in a deep plate. Season with salt and pepper. Then dip the bread with the hole in the middle into egg mixture. Followed by spam meat, blueberries, and cubed bread.

Heat a small frying pan with a bit of oil, place the bread with the hole and top with the spam blueberry mixture in middle to cover the hole. Sprinkle some cheese on top. Fry until golden and bottom are cook about 5 minutes.

Bake in oven for 10 minutes or until egg are cooked and bread are lightly toasted. Serve with orange juice.

Note: Oven temperature may vary. You might put longer or less minutes.