Strawberry baked cheesecake

2016-12-06 17.47.32.jpg

Went to a friend afternoon tea party. She baked a cheesecake that were delicious. So, I asked her for the recipe. She told me she change the recipe as her family don’t like plain baked cheesecake.

She had made mango flavoured cheesecake with mango mousse on top. I couldn’t find the plastic forgot what it’s called. I told her no worries; I too change my ingredients. I have added Parisan browning essence, ouzo and double cream that will expire in 3 days. To that I have added strawberries.

Can you imagine one simple baked cheesecake can be a whole range of different types and shapes even addition of ingredients to it. I am pleased that my cheesecake is moist delicious and have strawberry ouzo flavour. Let’s bake!!!!


500 g cream cheese, at room temperature
250 g unsalted butter softened, at room temperature
300 ml thicken cream
200 g double cream
200 g castor sugar
1 Tsp Parisian browning essence
2 Tsp ouzo
3 large eggs
250 g strawberries, wash and cut into cube
250 g self-raising flour, sifted
2 Tsp gelatine edible powder
1 Tsp cream of tatar
3 gelatine sheets and a bit of luke water to soak about 5-7 minutes


Preheat oven at 180 deg C. Greased square tin. Prepare the cheesecake batter: I use a hand mixer, mix the cream cheese, butter, thicken cream, browning essence and sugar until smooth.

Add the egg, one at a time. Mix well. Fold in the flour, gelatine powder, cream of tatar, gelatine sheets should softened, squeezed water out, ouzo and strawberries. Mix well. Check the consistency: lift a spoon full and let batter drop; if drop fast need more flour and if to hard drop add a bit more thicken cream.

Pour onto the prepared tin. Bake for about 75 minutes, until the edges shrink or moves away from tin and centre are fully cooked by inserting skewer in and comes out clean and cake looks golden brown. Turn off oven and leave in oven 10 minutes with door close.

Then remove from oven and cool in tin for 25 minutes. Serve warm or eat cold. Best leave overnight in fridge to have a set cake. (I leave mine in fridge as it’s a hot day; you can leave it on the bench top).

Note: Oven temperature may vary, check your cake to make sure it’s not burn. You might need to put more flour if too liquid. You may omit ouzo if you don’t like it, I added as it’s only exactly 2 Tsp left.