Berries ricotta cake with balsamic glazed strawberries

What else tells us Christmas is here beautiful as the arrival of summer fruits? Nothing! Let’s load your dessert, cake with berries and embrace them with a touch of sweet and tangy syrup of balsamic glazed. Wow Your family and friends!!!

Google: “Balsamic glaze is also made from balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar, when cooked for a long time, turns sweet and has a syrup-like consistency. It is a delicious combination of sweet and sour, versatile and can be used with both sweet and savory items and the pungency of vinegar removed”.

Today, I am trying out using balsamic glazed in my cake. As an adventurous cook, I dare to explore it this time on cake with strawberries. It sure to bring out the smiles of your guests this Christmas!!! My cake is light healthy and delicious. Let’s bake!!!


375 g smooth ricotta
225 g plain flour
150 g granulated sugar
150 g blackberries, plus 3 for decorations and some to serve
100 g dark brown sugar
1 c olive oil
3 eggs
3 Tbs orange juice
1 Tbs vanilla essence
1 1/2 Tsp baking powder
apricot jam (OPT)

Balsamic glazed strawberries

280 g sliced strawberries
3 big strawberries, cut into flowers
2 strawberries medium size, slices for decorations
1 Tbs balsamic glazed
1/2 Tsp balsamic glazed, decorations


Preheat 180 degrees C and grease and line 9” spring form cake pan. In deep plate mix together well flour, both sugar, baking powder and salt. In mixing bowl beat oil ricotta, eggs and vanilla. Spoon a big metal spoon of flour mixture into the wet ingredient mix well. Repeat mixing slowly dry ingredients and mix well until just combined.

Add sliced strawberries with 1 Tbs balsamic glazed in bowl. Mix well and fold into batter. Add 150 g blackberries and mix well again. Spoon batter into prepared pan smooth the top and gives a couple gentle knock on bench top.

Bake for 40 minutes first. Test cake with skewer, if inserted skewer out with batter put back in for further 15 minutes. When skewer in again second time out clean, cake is done. Switch off oven, leave cake in oven for 1 hour with door close.

After 1 hour remove and let cool further for 1 hour, remove from pan onto a plate. Just before serving, when cake is cool completely spread apricot jam. Then place 3 flower strawberries on top of cool cake, followed by slices across the bigger flower and then 3 blackberries a bit further down on top of cake. Drizzle 1/2 Tsp balsamic glazed on the strawberries flowers and slices. Serve the cake with strawberries blackberries and ice cream. Enjoy!!!


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Shin ram yun kin tok kin pork balls buk choy noodle soup

Quick and easy simple lunch for midweek is always packet instant noodle soup for me. I always add leftovers from a day to three days. As you know me by now, I don’t like wasting food. I don’t go marketing every day.

I relied on big bulk packed food, packets and canned for fresh food can’t stay longer than 3 days even in fridge. I have 2 boxes of shin ram yun noodles each had 20 packets. When it has run down, I will get my sister to get me more.

Today, I have leftover kin tok kin which is beancurd pork rolls my mother bought it and it’s cooked with bok choy. I have added the last four pork balls so I can get new packet as I am going to the market/supermarket to get refill for my groceries. My lunch is delicious and comforting. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet shin ram yun noodle soup
4 pork balls, thawed and soak in water
1 kin tok kin, cut into bite size
bok choy
hot boiling water


Put kettle on. Open the noodle packet and empty it into a bowl with its condiment and add pork balls. When kettle water is boil, pour into the prepared bowl. Microwave for 3 minutes, then add in ready cooked kin tok kin with some bok choy. Microwave again further 3-4 minutes.

By then the pork balls would puff up, noodles softened and kin tok kin with bok choy are warmed up. Give a stir and heat again for 1 minutes. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!


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Shin ram yun chicken pieces pumpkin and cabbage noodle soup

Here’s another quick simple midweek leftover lunch. Using the leftovers of roast lemon chicken and boiled pumpkin. Nothing fancy just have to eat lunch. I called it lazy prepared lunch.

I love to eat packet noodle for lunch and at time for dinner or late night supper. I always salvage food and freeze them for emergency. Shin ram yun had been my favourite packet noodle as it’s a spicy soup noodle. I love spicy food.

I have added cabbage for some green. My lunch is ready in less than 10 minutes. It’s delicious, spicy and comforting. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet shin ram yun noodle soup
4 pieces cooked pumpkin
2 cooked chicken pieces
1 cabbage leaves, thinly slice
hot boiling water


Put kettle on. Open the noodle packet and empty it into a bowl with its condiment and add cabbage. When kettle water is boil, pour into the prepared bowl. Microwave for 3 minutes, then add in ready cooked chicken pieces with pumpkin pieces. Microwave again further 4 minutes.

By then cabbage is cooked, noodles softened and chicken with pumpkin are warmed up. Give a stir and heat again for 1 minutes. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!


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Lamb racks crumbed with carbonara beetroot pasta and vegetables

Went to the Glen Shopping centre with my sister. Bought a lot of Chinese New Year biscuits, sponge cake and some more packets of curry paste. Then went to a nearby stall browsing to see if I can get panettone.

Found a few different types of dried flavoured pasta and this beetroot noodles type pasta caught my eyes. Bought it to try to see is there really beetroot and not just the red colouring. Using the leftovers two lamb rack, baby spinach and some broad beans.

This time my lamb rack is coated with cayenne, oregano and breadcrumb. I am practising to perfect my carbonara sauce which I have browse and seen on you tube. I know it’s not presentable, but my focus is perfecting carbonara sauce, and making crumbed lamb racks. Glad it’s taste like beetroot. Dinner is ready, comforting and delicious. Let’s cook!!!!


150 g beetroot pasta
70 g Pecorino
30 g Parmesan
2 Lamb rack
1 small carrot, cut into bite size
2 Tsp cayenne powder
1 Tsp minced garlic
1 sprig oregano, remove leaves
2 yolks
baby spinach
broad beans, stems remove and string along the side
black pepper
balsamic vinegar (OPT)


Marinade lamb rack with salt, black pepper, oil and balsamic vinegar for 1 hour. Place in fridge. Put kettle on. Once boiled pour into microwave safe bowl with carrot and broad beans and microwave for about 6-8 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Remove the shell and skin of broad beans when it had cool down. Once 1 hour marinated lamb is up, place lamb in room temperature for 30 minutes. In a deep plate put breadcrumbs, black pepper, cayenne and oregano leaves, mix well. Coat well lamb racks.

Preheat oven 180 degrees C. Put a pot of salted water to boil. Once boil add a drop or two oil and beetroot pasta in. Cook until tender about 5 minutes. Drain reserve 1-2 cup of water and set aside.

In a bowl add yolks, Parmesan, Pecorino and black pepper. Mix well. Add 2 Tbs pasta water and stir to mix well. Set aside. Place lamb in a small tray, sprinkle some salt and put into oven cook for about 5 minutes on one side. Turnover and cook further 3-4 minutes or to your liking.

Heat oil in saucepan on medium high. Add garlic cook until fragrant. Then add spinach cook for about 1 minutes then add in carrots and broad beans cook further 2 minutes. Next add pasta and about half cup water toss around and add more water if too dry, and off hob.

Add yolk mixture, mixing to coat until creamy. Spoon onto bowl and drizzle some yolk mixture, sprinkle some breadcrumb mixture and let lamb racks lean on beetroot pasta. Serve with a glass of red wine. Enjoy!!!


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