Rack of lamb and stir fry vegetables with kumquat sauce

Here’s a simple quick easy not so messy in the kitchen. This is a great weekend cooking if you are looking for some relaxing time and would like to spend more time with family.

You can get the kids to help setting up the table. While you are frying the vegetables. Your husband can help putting the marinated lambs on the lined foil tray and start the oven.

Weekend can be great for everyone doing something different and at the same time everyone can enjoy a delicious healthy meal as family with no interruption’s selfie or tv. It’s a quiet dinner for family.

My friend gave me kumquat jam, so I thought why not add to my meal. It’s a perfect combination and caramelised the lamb.

Happy weekend meal made perfect with just a few ingredients and for everyone to enjoy time together.


2 medium size eggplants, cut
1 punnet tomatoes medley
12 racks of lamb
1 punnet of cup mushrooms, cut into quarter
Olive oil
a small piece of butter about 25 g
2 Tbs minced garlic
sea salt
4 Tbs Kumquat jam, extra 8 Tbs for sauce
2 Tsp of water


Preheat oven 180 deg C. Marinade racks with pounded sea salt, pepper, kumquat jam and oil for 45 minutes. Then place them in a foiled tray and bake for 18 – 25 minutes;
10 -12 minutes on one side then turn and bake further 8 – 10 minutes or to your liking. Rest in oven 7 minutes.

Cut eggplants into 1 cm thick bite size; not too thick for stir fry. Heat oil and butter in frying pan; meanwhile cut mushrooms into quarter. Once oil is hot add garlic, fry for 4 minutes until fragrant next add eggplants and mushrooms cooked until tender about 5-8 minutes. Then add in medley tomatoes and Kumquat jam with water if too dry. Toss to mix with the vegetables for 4 minutes.

Plate the stir fry vegetables and scoop 2 Tbs of Kumquat sauce, drizzles over the vegetables from pan for each plate. Then stack up the rack of lambs – 3 each. Serve with a glass of red wine or a bottle of Heineken beer.



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