Helen’s paella valenciana and marinated drummettes with Bourbon sauce

Recreated from: https://whatscookingamerica.net/PaellaValenciana.htm HINT: Have all ingredients chopped and measured before beginning the final cooking of the paella. It is a quick cooking dish that must have all ingredients ready to go. I use large cast-iron pan. The size of the dish for 22 drumettes. The amounts of the ingredients are relative and it does not […]

Bourbon and cranberries ham glaze and sauce

https://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/recipe/22039412/bourbon-lamb-cutlets-with-potato-salad-and-kick-ass-chilli-sauce/#page1 I use Bertocchi Ham. Thaw in fridge (place it in the coldest shelf) two days. Follow the instruction to removed the plastic wrap, string and another plastic wrap. Pat dry with clean towel. Then marinade it with Bourbon and Cranberries. Accompanied with Bourbon and Cranberries Sauce. Marinade 375 g Whole Cranberry Sauce in a […]