Cos lettuce celery with marmalade jam

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Ham and vegetables pizza

I am encouraged every time I browse for recipes on Facebook, other sites, and all the TV cooking shows with websites. In most food bloggers site, I am seeing amazing creation food by home-cook food bloggers, professional cooks, and chefs publishing , sharing, and teaching on you tube.

A friend name Touche from church brought this sour cream, spinach and kewpie mayo dips as our breakup for the year group thing. I am so keen to try it, she told me the recipe. And as usual, I love to recreate any recipe to my liking and to suit my family intakes.

Well, my pizza creation is simple, easy and quick meal. This pizza is made with a twist instead of using pizza dough I have replace it with flat bread, replace tomato paste with sour cream, spinach and kewpie mayo spread.

So, to called it my own pizza, I have something borrowed and changed; something new, something good and perfect pizza night dinner. My pizza is delicious, creative, creamy and flavoursome. Let’s cook!!


Kewpie sour cream spinach spread

130 g Kewpie mayonnaise
100 g sour cream
4 blocks frozen organic spinach, thawed
1 Tsp garlic powder
1/2 Tsp ginger powder
1/8 Tsp lime juice
white pepper
a tiny pinch of nutmeg (opt)

Pizza dough and toppings

2 spinach and herbs flat breads
half-length wise eggplant, cut to bite size
150-180 g ham diced, bought
leftovers garlic sticks cooked in chilli oil
6 Roma tomatoes, quartered
Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese


Preheat oven 200 degrees C. Mix all the Kewpie ingredients in a medium size bowl except spinach. Blanch spinach in hot boiling water in a pot with a sieve. Drain dry on paper towel, then add into the Kewpie mixture and mix to incorporated well.

Place cut eggplants on a steamer basket and steam it until slightly cook about 5-8 minutes. Remove and set aside to cool. Keep warm with foil. Then line baking tray with the same foil. Lay one flat bread and spread Kewpie mixture all over leave 1/4 mm from the edges.

Next place the second flat bread over it. Ladle some Kewpie mixture over and gently spread them all over. Not too close to the edges. Now lined eggplant in a circle and cover all the Kewpie spread. Now add the quartered tomatoes, leftovers garlic sticks and scattered the ham. Then the cheeses and a few more dollops of Kewpie mixture on top. Baked it for about 20-25 minutes until golden brown and cheeses had melted. Serve with sweet white wine.

Note: Oven temperature may vary. You may need less temperature or more; less or more time depending on pizza dough and ingredients. You may use tomato paste or pesto sauce for your pizza base.


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Cauliflower rice with blueberries and olives

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Colourful salad on ricotta cloud with apple craisin dressing

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Who needs Picasso? Add beauty to the everyday by turning your food from the pantry and fridge into a work of art.

Pretty, cheap, and unique, that’s what you will get when you spend a little time personalising your food with your own imaginations and combinations. It doesn’t take much to learn how to do it, and it’s a wonderful project to do in lockdown. Use a favourite story, theme of the month or put your heart into it.

You will find yourself thinking up excuses to whip up a tart or salad dressing every other day once you own a Nutri Bullet.

It will inspire you and satisfy your family the whole month through to Christmas. I needed a warm and healthy lunch on a wintry cold day. I filled my plate with colourful food made in 30 minutes: multi-tasking.

Christmas is just around the corner and that means…

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Dark chocolate and silken tofu cheesecake

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Dark cho and silken tofu cheesecake

I have recreated from MasterChef recipe with a bit of me. I had added frangelico liqueur wine. Though it don’t look beautiful professional like masterchef. It’s great to explore my culinary skill.

When you have a will or a dream pursued it. Then you can know you have achieve somewhere if not at a great level of satisfaction. Don’t we all have a dream or will that we would like to achieve it.

God cannot help you if you don’t help yourself. I know everyone have their own limitless capacity to do a task. There are tasks some people achieve easily, some moderately some never even try.

I know one thing is never give up. Keep trying one day it will turned out perfectly beautiful like masterchef. Right now, the taste is perfectly awesome.

Happy Baking!!!!

Biscuit Base:
250g Marie biscuits
1 Tsp ground ginger
2Tsp ground cinnamon

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