Beef eye fillet and vegetables spaghetti in beef stock sauce

Have you ever changed your menu or meal after you have cook it overnight so next day you have more flavour in your stock? I did, I change my mind from making beef stock soup with vegetables to go with vermicelli noodle to spaghetti and beef stock sauce.

My craving for spaghetti is stronger than vermicelli noodle. Luckily, I have beef eye fillet, green capsicum, kale and tomatoes medley. In my fridge I will always have thickened cream, sour cream and double cream. Phew, I can make my beef stock into sauce to go with spaghetti by adding a bit thickened cream.

Glad that I can transform my beef stock that I have made last night into beef stock sauce. My meal is satisfying, comfort, flavourful and colourful delicious. Let’s cook!!!


200 g beef eye fillet, cut into bite size
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 small green capsicum, cut into bite size
4 small stalks of Tuscan Kale, cut into bite size
A handful of tomatoes medley, cut into halves
Overnight beef stock See Note
150 – 200 g spaghetti, cooked according to instruction, drain and set aside


Cook the spaghetti as per instruction on packet. Then heat oil in saucepan, add garlic cook till fragrant. Next add fillet, cook for 5-8 minutes until brown all over, add in kale and cook for a further 7 minutes until withered.

Now add tomatoes, capsicum and season with salt and pepper. Ladle some of the overnight beef stock and simmer for about 7 minutes. Add the cooked spaghetti and stir to mix well. Serve with Parmesan cheese or on it on with a glass of sweet white wine.

Note: Beef stock is beef bones, water about 1 L, 3 carrots, 1 whole onion stud with 3 cloves, 3 celery, salt and black peppercorns bring to simmer on medium heat for about 35-45 minutes. Then strain into a clean pot, discard bones and keep the meat, and vegetables. Then simmer with 1 cup white wine for about 10 minutes. Next add thickened cream to thicken a bit; let it simmer a further 5 minutes. Season to taste.



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