Chicken burger with coloured carrots on a bed of salad

Hooray!!!! It’s Friday and the sun is up as well as the forecast weekend is bright sunny days to enjoy, relax and being creative. Went to the supermarket with intention of getting some fish and ended up buying chicken burger. Also, found some coloured carrots; though it’s not on sale. I grab a packet along with a packet of salad to have some vibrant colour on my plate.

Not bad to get chicken burger at cheap price. Whenever, I wanted fish or meat I somehow ended up with poultry be it burger chicken, cooked roasted chicken or fresh chicken pieces. Do you at time have this experience? Considered luck is on my side and am grateful to God for His ways are better than mine.

The burgers are delicious, don’t need bread or burger bread to go with it. I have roasted coloured carrots and salad to complete my plate. It’s looking presentative as well as satisfying to my soul. Let’s cook!!!!


1 packet crumbed chicken burgers (bought)
1 small packet of salad mixed
1 packet of coloured carrots, removed some of the green stem and end, washed, dried
a few squirts of mayonnaise *Note*
salt and pepper
spray olive oil


Preheat oven 200 degrees C. Line tray with foil and place the rub oil and seasons with salt and pepper carrots in oven roast the carrots about 12-15 minutes or until cooked (charred a bit) or to your liking; turn over halfway through cooking.

In another lined tray place the burgers; spay some oil on it. Then place in oven for 8-12 minutes; turn over after 5-6 minutes and continue to cook through.

Once carrots and burgers are cooked removed from oven. Place burgers on top of salad. Next squirts some mayonnaise around the burgers. Then add the coloured carrots. Serve with cold beer.

Note: To make your own mayo see my recipe blog:

If you love seafood and so happened to get it; here are two recipes for you to try:

Recipe with bread-burger:



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