Strawberry jelly posset with berries and cream

Felt like having posset and strawberry jelly. I have some blueberries, strawberries and strawberry cream. So, I though let be creative combined them in one glass.

“A posset is an old-fashioned English dessert which has the texture of a creamy mousse or pudding. It’s egg-free custard comes together by combining sugar, cream, and citrus juice. No eggs, gelatine, flour, or cornstarch are needed, the posset thickens without any of them”.

Strawberry jelly posset with berries and cream is wobbly-jelly, creamy, delicate custard serve with fruits and cream. Let’s cook!!!!


1 box aeroplane Strawberry jelly, follow instruction on box
6 strawberries, sliced
600 ml double cream
150 g castor sugar
5 Tbs lime juice


125 g blueberries, wash and dry
4 strawberries, wash and dry
Strawberry cream, bought


One day in advance make strawberry jelly.

Boil water, then pour 250 ml hot boiling water into jar with strawberry powder. Add cold water 200 ml; stir to dissolved. Let cool for about 5 minutes. The pour into individual glasses. Now add strawberry slices in.

Refrigerate overnight. Next day, place double cream, castor sugar in a medium pot on low heat and bring to the boil slowly for about 3 minutes or until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

When it has cool down about 5 minutes, add lime juice and beat well to incorporate. Set aside to cool further about 10 minutes. Then pour on top of each individual glasses of set strawberry jelly. Refrigerate again further 4 hours or overnight.

Before serving, decorate some blueberries in a circle, in the middle squirt strawberry cream and place a whole strawberry on cream in one corner.

Note: you can decorate any fruits with or without cream. Or you can use crush and crumble savioardi biscuits and divide it between glasses. Next arrange berries around the bowls and then sprinkle some cocoa powder.

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