Scotch pork, kai lan and garlic sticks noodles soup

Felt like having pork, kai lan, and garlic stick with rice. At the last hour I change my mind. I wanted to eat tom yum noodle that my friend gave me to try. Since I have already got pork, kai lan and garlic sticks; I thought why not combined them all together for a different flavour and combination.

As usual, I like to add weird ingredients together. We live in a world of supply and demand, where necessary things are often scarce. I don’t like wasting food, after all I have already cook them. Save my rice for next time.

This meal is for one and can be said one pot meal. My dinner is comforting, flavourful and the soup keep me warm. A bowl of abundance vegetables and meat with great combination. Let’s cook and be glad to have food on the table.


100 g Pork Scotch fillet, cut into bite size
1/2 bunch kai lan
1/2 bunch garlic sticks
4 Tbs sesame oil
3 Tbs Xo chilli sauce
1 Tsp ginger powder
1 tsp garlic minced
salt and pepper
1 packet of tom yum noodle


Marinade pork pieces with sesame oil, ginger, salt and pepper for 20 minutes. Then heat oil in a sauce pan and cook garlic until translucent. Next add the pork cook until tender and cooked about 10-12 minutes. Remove from saucepan to plate and keep warm.

Using the same saucepan add a bit more oil and kai lan cook until soft about 9 minutes. Then add in garlic sticks continue to cook until garlic sticks are cooked about 7-9 minutes. Cover the saucepan and keep warm.

Add enough water to pot about 1 cup, bring the water to boil. Add XO sauce, stir and let simmer a bit then add back pork, kai lan and garlic sticks. Gives a couple of stir to mix well and warm up again for about 3 minutes. Now add the packet noodles with the condiments and cooked for 2 minutes until soft and everything are cooked. Serve immediately with a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!