Baked sausages vegetables liscio piccolo

Three friends and I recently visited a favourite walking sport of ours. Climbing a windswept hill, we came across a field of wildflowers into a forest of towering gum trees, then descended into a bike park where we paused a moment. The only sounds were birdsongs. We stood there silently for about 20 minutes, taking it all in. As it turns out, our actions that day were deeply therapeutic.

Today the same three friends wanted to come by for lunch. I remembered the colourful wildflowers. Therefore, I decided to make my simple lunch for my friends, and I just like the colourful flowers.

With leftover cooked sausages and use fresh pork sausages. Added carrots, arugula, medley cherries tomatoes and this time I use liscio piccolo pasta looks like macaroni but smaller a bit. Got it cheap. Me a cheap steak.

My baked pasta has some charred crispy texture, represent the dry barks of gum trees, colourful like the wild flowers and delicious to have friends over to enjoy each other’s company. Let’s bake!!!


3 cooked pork sausages, and 2 uncooked, prick holes all over it
2 carrots, slice into bite size
8 medley cherries tomatoes, cut into bite size
200 g arugula, wash and drain
300 g liscio piccolo
250 g mascarpone cream
1 Tbs minced garlic
black pepper
lime juice
Italian seasoning
4 melting cheese for baking (bought)


Put liscio piccolo and carrots in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave with water enough for 16 minutes. Drain well, reserve 1 c of water and place in a baking dish. Cut the sausages into bite size. Add cherries tomatoes and arugula to pasta.

Now add in cooked and uncooked sausages, Italian seasoning, 1 c reserved water, extra water, lime juice and mascarpone cream. Then minced garlic and oil. Sprinkle some melting cheese in. Season with salt and extra black pepper. Mix to combined well. Now sprinkle some more cheese on top.

Bake for about 50 minutes until are cooked. Once baked, switch off oven leave in for 10 minutes with door close just to make sure sausages are cooked completely, melt extra cheese with the heat to get some crispiness around it. Spoon onto plate and serve with a glass of red wine. Enjoy!!!



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