Vegetables pot pie

I have not had vegetables pot pie for ages since I first came to study in Australia. My elderly neighbour brought over a pot of vegetables pie. I ate it and fell in love with it. I usually buy them at university cafeteria before leaving for home so I can eat it for dinner. At that time, it’s only $2.20 and the portion were big foil size. Then there’s four and twenty pies. I crave for it too and would buy different variety for dinner.

Those were the past, now the size is really very small, and the price is 6 times. It had been 30 years; I have not eaten vegetables pot pie until an ex-college invited me over to her house and she served these beautiful vegetables pot pie where she said she got it from watching TV cooking program. She said she change the ingredients to suit her.

I as usual too change the ingredients to suit myself. My vegetables are on sale. I have added white wine, lemon zest, and sachets mushroom soup as I forgot to get vegetables stock. It turned out well, looks beautiful, taste delicious and bring me back my memoir of my elderly neighbour. She is in heaven now. Anyway, let’s treasure this vegetables pot pie in remembrance of her kindness to me. Let’s cook!!!!


1 c chopped carrots
1/2 c chopped zucchini
1/4 c chopped celery
4 cubes frozen spinach
1/4 c fennel, finely cut
1/2 Tsp salt
2 Tbs olive oil
3 medium size potatoes
1/2 c milk
5 Tbs sour cream
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
2 sachets of cup of mushroom soup
1/4 c white wine
sprinkle with Granado Cheese
grated zest of 1 lemon (opt)


Microwave potatoes about 18-20 minutes until soft. Drain and add milk, a pinch of salt and sour cream. Mashed the potatoes and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan, medium heat, add vegetables and mushrooms soup powder with wine cook for 15 minutes. Stirring occasionally. Remove from heat set aside. Lightly grease ramekin, small cast iron pot or oven proof bowl.

Fill 3/4 up the vegetables mixture. Level with a wooden spoon. The top with mashed potatoes. Repeat with another vegetables and then potatoes. Sprinkle cheese. Bake it for 25 to 30 minutes until golden brown. Bring out and add grated lemon zest and place a stem of fond (OPT).