Peking duck with fried vegetables

Felt like having Peking duck. Went to supermarket to buy it. Glad I found it and manage to get it. It’s expensive but worth to try it. I have created a cheat way to enjoy the meal with not much mess. All I needed were to heat up in microwave and make a simple vegetable to go with it.

Google: “Peking duck, one of the most celebrated dishes of Beijing, or Mandarin Chinese, cuisine, with a history of more than 400 years. In its classic form, the dish calls for a specific breed of duck, the Imperial Peking, that is force-fed and housed in a small cage so that inactivity will ensure tender meat. The neck and head are left intact as the bird is killed (at about six weeks old) and dressed, and, after the entrails are removed, the lower opening is sewed shut. Air is forced between the skin and flesh to puff out the skin so that the fat will be rendered out during roasting and the skin, the choicest part of the dish, will be very crisp. The inflated bird is painted with a sweet solution, hung up to dry, and then roasted suspended, traditionally, in a cylindrical clay oven.”

“Peking duck is usually served in three courses. The skin is accompanied by hoisin sauce (a commercially prepared, reddish brown, sweet, and spicy sauce), scallions cut into brushes, and thin wheat-flour pancakes or steamed wheat-flour “lotus buns,” all of which are eaten together as a sandwich. The meat of the duck is cut up and served with vegetables as a second course, and a soup of the duck’s bones with celery cabbage follows. Because of the complicated preparation, Peking duck is primarily restaurant fare.”

It’s an expensive and luxury meal for me even though it’s a small piece of meat. So far, I have not seen recipe that really resemble the Beijing Restaurant method, which I had it years ago. This is a must to try if I can create one day. Anyway, I am glad to have the ready cooked and marinated Peking duck. Enjoyed it and am sharing it.


Bought cooked Peking duck breasts (4 pieces) from Supermarket
1 bunch of Asparagus, cut into bite size
1 bunch garlic stick, cut into bite size
2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
4-6 cube frozen spinach
1 punnet cup mushroom
5 Tbs Olive oil
Salt and pepper


Open the packaging and follow the instruction on cooking the Peking duck. While duck is in microwave cooking. Cut up the vegetables, garlic and thawed spinach.

Heat oil in frying pan. Add garlic fry until fragrant about 4 minutes. Add asparagus, garlic sticks and spinach; cooked for about 5-8 minutes until vegetable softened a bit. Then add the mushrooms, cook about 3 minutes.

Remove duck from microwave. Keep warm with foil covered. Once vegetables done. Plate the vegetables and place the duck on top of it. Drizzle the sauce from the duck over the duck and around the vegetables. Enjoy!!!!