Rump steak, roasted vegetables and mushrooms

Beautiful sunshine and Anzac Day today where I am. It’s time to clean the garden and getting some sun for my bone. Don’t want to be lack of Vitamin D. Do you know you can spend more than 3 hours when you are cleaning your garden? When I am not directly under the sun, I felt the chill as we are entering Winter, I am craving for rump, so I went to get it with some vegetables.  

Google: “Rump steak is a cut of beef. The rump is the division between the leg and the chine cut right through the aitch bone. It may refer to: A steak from the top half of an American-cut round steak primal A British- or Australian-cut from the rump primal, largely equivalent to the American sirloin.” 

I have not had rump eggplants for a while. Though rumps are not on sale, I still buy it to curb my craving then eggplants look so gorgeous like it’s telling me buy me you will love to eat me, so I bought it. Came back, felt like my whole body is sore and so tired. But I still needed to eat. This is one of my simple quick and craving meal. My meal is satisfying, hearty and delicious. Let’s cook!!!!


4 rump steaks
1 large red capsicum, cut into bite size
1 punnet mushroom, washed and dry
1 punnet of Bellino orange tomatoes
2 medium size eggplants, cut into bite size
olive oil


Marinade steaks with salt, pepper, rosemary and oil for 1 hour. Then Preheat oven 180 degrees C. Cut the vegetables, season with salt and pepper. Drizzle oil. Place them in a tray with mushrooms.

In another tray place steaks and roast for 18-25 minutes. Turn over after 8 – 12 minutes. Then roast the other side further to your liking. I prefer medium done to well done. Plate them with vegetables at the top of the plate and steak at the centre. Drizzle some oil from tray. Served with salad on the side or just red wine.