Fried tofu

A few days ago, my sister make fried tofu. Her coating was rice flour. After eating I came back, and I experiment using my own coating. My tofu colour is golden brown where else my sister tofu is light brown nearly white.

Think this Covid 19 had make us all better cook than what we were. Glad that we sisters are all getting better at cooking. However, I still prefer to eat to my favourite Italian cooking and must have chili. I am scared of deep frying. Use just enough oil to fry my tofu and wearing gloves in case oil splatters get on my hand and wearing goggle. Have a pail with water nearby.

I had my fried tofu with rice and vegetables. The remaining I have added into my miso soup. I also dip my fried tofu with chili sauce. It’s so good, beautiful and puffy coated well. Let’s cook!!!!


300 g firm tofu, cut into cubes using jelly cutter
1/4 c plain flour, plus extra if needed more
1/8 c corn flour, plus extra if needed more
2 Tsp garlic powder
2 Tsp ginger powder
pink Himalayan salt
crack black pepper
oil for frying


Place firm tofu on paper towel drip dry and using another paper towel press top gently to pat dry. Then cut with jelly cutter and place on paper towel plate. Meantime, add plain flour, corn flour, garlic powder, ginger powder, salt and black pepper in a deep dish and mix to combine well.

Put tofu cubes in flour mixture and coat well all around. Shake off flour mixture before putting into the hot oil. Heat enough oil about 1 inch high in frying on medium heat. Place 5 cubes at a time. Turning tofu all around about 4-7 minutes each till golden brown. Use tong to pick up cook tofu and drain on paper towel plate. Repeat till all tofu are cooked and golden brown.

Switch off heat and move the pan away to cool oil. Save the oil in a container for cooking another dish. Which I use to cook my choko and pork balls. Serve fried tofu with rice and vegetables. Have it with chili sauce and beer. Enjoy!!!!